The Carolina Catmen
The Carolina Catmen
Me and the boys dancing in the woods.
Type Threat Level
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Active Status Other Names
blank.png Catmen, Bobcatmen, Niça Lūs

Description: "The Carolina Catmen" is the title given by humans for felines that walk upright in the Carolinas. We tend just go by our native title "Niça Lūs," but we don't really care that much about what y'all call us. What is important though is the distinction between what you call "Catmen" and "Bobcamen." Catmen are trusting of humans, while Bobcatmen are irrationally afraid of them. No matter how hard we try to tell them that humans are cool, they will still use any means necessary to escape their site. While some people in the Society see this as an issue, I personally think that they're doing more good than harm by actively avoiding detection. I mean, it's not like they're hurting anyone.

Physically both Catmen and Bobcatmen share the same appearance native felines, and for good reason. Bobcatmen are constantly on the lookout for feral and stray cats to join their tribe. The reason for this is something that even I'm not so sure of, but hey, being a tribe member sure beats being an ally cat. Once a cat has been found, the Bobcatmen take them back to their tribe and put them through something that roughly translates to "Tribesmen Training." Honestly, I don't know how they do it, but once it's over that cat is able to walk, talk, and think like a human. It is at that point you may consider them a Catman. Bobcatmen do not have to go through this process, simply being born looking like walking bobcats. There is some story about a human putting a bobcat through Tribesmen Training to make it into the first Bobcatman, but since then Bobcamen grew to fear humans for whatever reason.

Background: I don't really know how long the Tribesmen Training has been going on for, but for me, I went through it about a year ago. Others came before me, some came after, but I don't think anyone know the year this started. However, I do remember when a warder first found me in with woods dancing with some pals. I bet that was the first time the existence of Catmen came to the Society's attention.

Location and Population: The Carolina Catmen are located in, you guessed it, the Carolinas, as well as limited portions of surrounding states. Bobcatmen tend to stay in more rural areas a night, but Catmen aren't afraid of showing up wherever and whenever, though they are advised not to by Bobcatmen. Sometimes they can be found by antecedent while hunting other Aberrants. We like to study the paranormal things, or "spirits" as the Bobcatmen call them. In fact, two of my friends are Aberrant deer, but I'm sure where they went after that party.

Hunting or Procurement Methods: The Carolina Catmen pose no thereat to humanity and are already hidden enough. That said, I still think they should be actively searched for, and by that I mean Catmen specifically. Judging from what my pals have to say about y'all, any Catman would be willing to work with you upon first contact, and our tribe's collective knowledge may prove useful to you. If you wish to recruit one us to become part-time warders, just take a stroll through a forest in or around the Carolinas while shaking a bag of cat treats. We will flock to you.

Additional Notes: The culture of The Carolina Catmen is somewhat similar to the Eastern Siouan Peoples. Bobcatmen have also been described as speaking a variation of the Siouan language, though Catmen seem to prefer using the English language. Research is still ongoing as to what The Carolina Catmen have in relation to other Aberrants.

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